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3 min readMay 16, 2023

Every so often, I try to figure out what kind of posts my readers like best. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t provide me an easy way to see which of my posts have the most “likes.” (I have to scroll down the list of posts. At this point, I’ve published 4,410 posts over the last eight years. That’s a lot of scrolling.) It’s much easier to determine the posts with the highest views, because they are listed first when I view my yearly stats. Reviewing the top posts of the last three years, I believe these are my all-time most viewed posts:

10. Monday Morning Wisdom #156. I can’t really claim any credit for this one. It’s a John F. Kennedy quote that I posted in 2018. It received most of its views in May of last year. I think people just wanted to read the words of a beloved president as Memorial Day approached.

9. Video of the Week #274: Ben Pratt Sings “River.” Ben gets all the credit for this one. Who doesn’t want to hear Ben Pratt sing “River”? Beautiful performance.

8. Tangles for Christmas. Every December, I post Christmasy zentangles that I’ve drawn.

7. Hawaiian Quilting with Pat Gorelangton. An interview I did with a wonderful quilter.

6. Quilting Frustration. I think the title resonated with a lot of quilters.

5. How to Make a Meme on a Mac. I was so excited when I figured out how to do this, that I wanted to share the process. It’s been viewed 1500 times.

4. How to Practice the Piano: Doh! Dohnányi. Piano students love to commiserate about these very challenging exercises.

3. 10 Best Zentangle Sites on the Web.

2. Ballet Feet. Not as pretty as you’d like to think.

1. Jan van Eyck’s The Crucifixion and The Last Judgment: Painted by a Committee. This art history discussion about van Eyck’s diptych masterpiece and the Renaissance practice of the workshop apprenticeship has been viewed 3,300 times. Either I really got my SEO right, or some teachers are assigning it as homework (if so, I am honored).

The reason I did this exercise is to try to figure out what draws people to my site, so that I can do more of it. Well, my site is very eclectic, and people come for different reasons. These top articles are on eight different subjects. I’ve only posted one tech article, the one about how to make a meme. I post a quote and a video every week, and only one of each made the top ten. There are two quilting articles, and two zentangle articles; one piano article, one dance article, and one art history article. I try to post at least one quilting article, one art-related article, one dance article, one music article, one blogging article, and one writing article every month. I don’t think the data I’ve collected is telling me to do something different. What do you think?

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