Shonna Slayton is a prolific writer of young adult historical fiction and fairytale reimaginings. Her books include Cinderella’s Dress (2014), Cinderella’s Shoes (2015), Liz and Nellie (2016), Spindle (2016), Snow White’s Mirror (2018), The Tower Princess (2018), Beauty’s Rose (2019), Cinderella’s Legacy (2019), Sleeping Beauty’s Spindle (2020), The Little Mermaid’s…

My husband’s brother, Peter, was married to his first wife, Nikki, for over fifty years when she was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after.

Peter didn’t expect to fall in love again, but then he met Joy, and soon they married.

We had been out of touch with Peter…

Every year I like to go through my photographs and choose some to share. Some you’ve seen before, some not. Because of the never-ending pandemic, I didn’t didn’t go out to take that many photos, but I’m fond of these:



Former elementary general music teacher. Wife, and mother of five. Blogging about the arts and the creative process at

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